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I’m Donny Mangos, a real estate broker specializing in the NXT building. I was one of the original purchasers and occupants at NXT with my family. I was the elected president of the condo board at NXT for 2011-2012. I’ve sold a bunch of condos in the building, and can help with the leasing of units as well. I’m involved, and I care. In fact, the motivation behind setting up this site was to give back to my clients at NXT by helping to improve the community and making it a more enjoyable place to live! My wife and I are fans of the complex, and of the residents (what can we say, we’re biased)!

I know this place. I know it inside and out. And I understand the marketability of it. I’m concerned with maximizing the value of your investment because it’s my investment too! Contact me if you’re thinking of buying or selling, or want to better understand market value at NXT. I am committed to maximizing the value of your condo, and maximizing the value of our collective investment.

For questions or comments about the site, you can reach me at admin@mynxtcondo.com or find me on Facebook 

You can also find me at:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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